Health & Happiness 3: Why We Love Our Dog-Friendly Office

Workplace benefits have chopped and changed over the years, and with every new year comes a new set of ideas of what people feel could improve their employer-employee relationship. Although more holidays or a bonus is something that’s high on your ‘wants’ list, a popular perk that is popping up in many offices is allowing dogs to come and stay for the day. We know it may not seem like such a grand benefit to some, but it allows employees to bond with their pets, improve morale and reduce stress and anxiety throughout the working day. JoJo’s head office has always been a dog-friendly environment; today we’ll be listing a few benefits that showcase why our CEO and founder Laura Tenison made it so... Who knows, you may be met with a pup come Monday morning!

Better Balance

Many employers will stress to you that you need to have a life outside of the office. You need to take time to yourself - to relax and de-stress accordingly, so you’re prepped for the next working day. Having a furry companion in the office can be a good way to bridge the gap between life at work and home.


Workplace Morale Will Go Up!

Having cute little pups trotting across the workplace has been shown to improve employee morale. And when we say improve, we mean sky rocket! Wagging tails, little paws and rubber balls flying from one end of the office to the other increases happiness levels, ultimately helping workers feel more content.



Studies have shown that having pets around the workforce has helped reduce stress levels amongst employees without negatively impacting productivity levels. How could a little pooch have a negative impact in any way?!


That’s Convenient!

Individuals who work full-time and have to come up with some kind of schedule between looking after their fur babies and work can find it a difficult and costly task. Allowing pets to roam around the office simplifies the lives of pet owners and makes ownership much simpler.


I Think I Want to Work There Now…

Yes, you thought right! If you’re looking to attract the next generation of employees, many applicants in the market for a new job will be searching for companies who offer benefits like pet friendly workspaces. This is a significant attribute that can set your company apart from the rest.


Improved Health

It has been proven that pets can have a positive impact when it comes to our health! From reducing stress levels to improving high blood pressure patients, dogs can indeed help to advance your overall wellbeing.


Building Relationships

Building a steady work relationship between employees isn’t always as easy as it sounds. But, having a pet-friendly office may help people communicate with each other that little bit better. Individuals who feel like they have no common ground with others may discuss their pets’ behaviour, training, sharing photos etc. Having dogs in the office can lead to more collaboration and conversations between employees.


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