6 Morning Habits That Make for a Productive Day

Finding the motivation to stick to a regular morning routine when working from home can be a tricky feat. The temptation to bring the laptop to bed, stay in your PJs all day and carry out minimum movement is all too real. When you’re a busy mum and have no option but to get up, the morning routine can take its toll! Making sure you have a productive path to follow is almost crucial today. Having good morning habits can not only boost your daily motivation, but can set a positive space and relieve any stress or anxiety you may be feeling. Here are a few of our favourite morning habits that should get you feeling chipper and geared up to start the day!

1. One thing at a time

Multitasking early in the morning may seem like a good idea, but a university study has proven that doing lots of things at one time is less productive than doing one single thing at a time. Whether you’re organising emails, paperwork or even children, being bombarded with too much information can lead to overload and quick burnout. Try listing your priorities either in your head or written down before you get up and on to the first task of the day.


2. Make your bed & get dressed

This may sound a little trivial, but getting up, making your bed look pretty and getting changed out of your pyjamas (even if just into cosy joggers) can make a positive impact on the rest of your day. If you’re a stay-at-home mum, making sure you actually make your bed means no random snoozes before the kids wake up to disrupt your personal sleeping pattern. Even though we all deserve to lounge around every now and again, getting dressed is important for your morning mentality.


3. Eat a nourishing breakfast

Who doesn’t love a traditional fry-up? Sadly, fried bread, beans, bacon, sausages and fried eggs won’t do the trick when you need to feel ready to start the day; instead, they'll likely leave you feeling bloated and a little sluggish. Try and start your day with something light BUT make sure you really enjoy it, because a happy tum is a happy mum! A smoothie, granola and fruit or even scrambled eggs with a little salmon are all fantastic options to get you on your way to a productive day. And they're all delicious too!


4. Get moving

Having little ones around the house can often feel like you haven't stopped running around all day, but it's always worth doing that little bit extra. Doing a little light exercise in the morning has been proven to life your overall mood and reduce stress – yay! You’re probably thinking, how and when am I going to be able to do this?! Well, if you can, try to muster the energy to wake up before your child does and do a quick 30-minute workout downstairs or even in the garden! This might mean a crazy 5:30 start for some, but the rush you’ll get grom all those feel-good endorphins will be worth it.


5. Plan for the day ahead

Who doesn't love a good list? They keep people organised and ready to tackle all the things we've been trying to avoid. When you know your day is going to be jam-packed with activities like feeding, friends and a food shop, writing everything down the night before will make your life a little easier. Tick off as you go along so you know you’re getting through that list like the trooper you are!


6. Avoid screens for as long as you can

When you wake up and the first thing you’re thinking about is your inbox, social media and that FB post Sally put up last night, then your motivation will almost immediately start to dwindle. If you don't need to clock in until 9, then why open the laptop? And if you have no messages to respond to when you switch off your phone alarm, why are you still scrolling? Try using this time to do something calming like exercise, yoga/ meditation, or even just having a coffee whilst gazing outside your window for a relaxing view. If the kids are already up, you can get them involved too!