Plastic Free July: 20 easy ways to use less single-use plastic

It’s up to all of us to tackle the plastic problem in order to preserve our planet for future generations, and the best way to do it is to drastically cut our plastic usage. If you’re looking for a few more ways to reduce your use of plastic in your everyday life, we’ve gathered up some ideas to get you started.

1. Buy your washing detergent in boxed powder form instead of capsules. Or even better, take a jar or bottle to a refill shop to stock up on washing liquid and fabric softener.


2. Stock up on dried pasta, rice and pulses in one of the many refill shops that are popping up. Simply take your own containers and weigh out what you need.


3. If you don’t have access to a refill store, and have the space, consider buying your pasta, rice and beans in bulk. Larger packs use less packaging than the same amount in smaller packs, even if they do come in plastic. Do the same for toilet roll, kitchen paper and cleaning products.


4. Swap disposable nappies for reusable nappies – they’re not as complicated to use as you think. Discover our adorable collection from Bambino Mio, or to find out everything you need to get started, check out our Reusable Nappy Guide.

5. Check if there’s a milkman delivering in your area (yes, they still exist!) and swap plastic milk cartons for reusable glass bottles.


6. With summer in full swing, it’s extra important to keep hydrated. Don’t get caught out when out and about – carry a reusable water bottle in your bag to refill at one of many free refill stations popping up around the country to save you buying a plastic bottle.


7. Preparing a packed lunch? Ditch the cling film and opt for a reusable silicone pouch to safely transport sandwiches and snacks.

8. Say no to a lid when buying your takeaway coffee, or even better, take your own reusable cup. Covid restrictions mean that some cafés aren’t currently accepting reusable cups but it’s worth checking.


9. The more food you waste, the more you buy, which means more packaging ends up in the bin. Help reduce the amount of food you throw away by meal planning and freezing leftovers.


10. Swap shower gel and shampoo for bars. These days there are more options so you’re not just limited to the super drying old school type!


11. Avoid pre-prepared fruit and veg; not only is it up to three times more expensive than whole, it’s more often than not sold in plastic pots so buy your produce loose.


12. Don’t get caught out without your reusable shopping bags when you pop to the supermarket; keep a stash in the car or keep a foldable bag in your handbag or buggy.


13. Consider reusable period products such as cups and period underwear instead of traditional pads and applicator tampons.


14. Take your own containers to the butcher or fishmonger to avoid the use of plastic bags.


15. If you’re heading out for a meal and are anticipating leftovers, take a container with you to avoid asking for a disposable one.


16. If your family gets through a lot of fizzy drinks, consider investing in a soda maker. Not only will you save a huge amount of plastic and money over time, you can control what goes in your drink.


17. Make your own natural yoghurt – all you need is a large glass jar, milk and a couple of spoonfuls of ready-made yoghurt to ‘feed’ your first batch; then you never have to buy it again!


18. Swap lighters for matches.


19. Make your own cleaning products; white vinegar and baking soda work wonders around the home.


20. Be prepared when you’re out and about – keep a reusable straw and some cutlery in your bag for any impromptu al-fresco meals.