Quick Post Workout Beauty Tips

Whether you’re trying to hang onto your usual workout routine for as long as you can during pregnancy, or you’re working on banishing that mummy belly, you’ll love these quick beauty tips to help you leave the gym looking and feeling fabulous!

Wash your face first

If you find that you’re breaking out more often when you’ve been working out a lot, try cleaning your face before you start, not just after. When you exercise, you’re sweating and detoxing your pores – if a thick layer of foundation is causing extra blockage, the oils will just build up!

Cleanse after

Remember to pack a bottle of micellar water in your gym bag, and a few cotton pads. That way, if you don’t plan on having a full body wash just yet, you can gently cleanse your face of sweat and dirt before you leave.

Regain moisture

Moisturising is one of the best things you can do to your skin, especially after a good sweat session! Re-hydrate your skin – you’ll benefit from this regardless of whether you have a dry, oily, or combination skin type.

A light layer

If you don’t plan on heading straight home from the gym, chances are you won’t be wanting to leave completely bare-faced. Opt for a light primer or BB cream instead of a heavy foundation to give your skin that lovely post-workout glow without blocking it up again so soon after a good cleanse.

A brush of definition

To get that full face of makeup look in a few effortless steps, just add a layer of mascara. I don’t know about you, but this completely changes my appearance! I can go from zombi-esque to dinner-ready if I just add some eye defining mascara.