Re-Start & Re-Evaluate: How to Revisit Your Resolutions

It was the 1st January and you vowed to yourself that you would lose a few pounds, catch up with those friends, plan your wedding and do a million other things. If you feel like you haven't completed enough of your resolutions, why not go back and revisit them? Just because it's later in the year, doesn't mean you don't have time to reach a few more of your goals. Have a read below of our top 4 tips on how to go back and get those resolutions complete before the new year comes along... again!

What were they again?

Think back to what your resolutions were; can you remember the goals you set in the first place? Going back and realising you haven't done half of what you wanted to should give you that motivational kick to make your goals a reality. You got this!

Plan it out

Planning your next steps will help you feel a little more organised in the process. Having your goals written down allows you to tick them off once they're complete. You can do this in your diary, notepad, workbook or even with sticky notes that you can pop ANYWHERE around the house! Having a plan in place adds a little pressure and acts as a reminder of what you're working towards.

Check in on yourself

So, you've re-set your goals and it's been a couple of weeks - why not go back and see how you're getting on with those resolutions? With the arrangements you've agreed with yourself, putting a date in place can always help you conquer your aspirations. Setting personal milestones along the way for you to follow/ check-in with will keep the momentum going.

Baby steps ARE good enough

Creating ambitious goals for yourself is difficult. You'll be second guessing yourself and feeling a little overwhelmed from time to time, especially if you're not completing every single thing 'on time'. But, always remember, taking baby steps towards your resolutions is still significant and worthwhile. Don't take things too seriously and remember, taking things one day at a time is perfectly fine!


Have you fallen off-track with your new year's resolutions, or have you ticked them all off your list? Let us know what stage your at in completing or even just beginning your resolution journey - leave a comment below!