Recycle Week 2019: 5 Ways to Reuse Your JoJo Garment Bags

Did you know that the clear bags you receive your online orders in from JoJo can be recycled and reused in lots of different ways? We are reusing these bags in our warehouse and stores, in an effort to prolong their lives and cut back on single use plastics - look out for our sticker on the bag, showing that it has been used by us before. This #RecycleWeek, we're sharing some great ideas for you to recycle them too, at home! Although they're made from LDPE (low-density polyethylene plastic 4) which can be recycled by most council collections and is accepted at many local supermarket drop-off programs, there are lots of ways for you to get more use out of them before you pop them in the recycling, so there's less chance of them ending up in landfill. The future's #InOurOwnHands


Store wet umbrellas in them.

Put valuables like ID, money, phone etc in a bag when going to the beach to protect them from water and sand.

Store used re-usable nappies in them before putting them into your changing bag.

Use to store wet swimming costumes after swimming.


In the car

Store crayons and stationery inside for long journeys.

Put muddy wellies in them as you head home.

Line your car boot with them when you buy plants.



Put shoes in them when packing a suitcase to avoid dirty clothes.

Use them to keep dirty clothes separated from other items whilst away.

Store shampoo bottles and other items that might leak in your bag.



Use to mix paints on.

Use to store loose craft supplies like pom-poms or ribbons.


Around the house

Create starter pots for planting seeds.

Place a bag between a paint pot and its lid to prevent sticking or dry paint falling in when you next open it.

Keep by the front door for wet shoes and umbrellas.

Wrap up out-of-season clothes to prevent moths getting to them.


Do you have any more suggestions for re-using plastic garment bags? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments section below!