Simple & Healthy After School Snacks

Everyone loves coming home to snack on a few treats after a long day of hard work before dinner is served, and children are no different. If your kids come home with a rumbling tummy, take inspiration from our fun and healthy snacking foods below that you can whip up in just a quick minute. You'll be able to create some fun dishes whilst keeping their diet healthy and encouraging good eating habits. Welcome to the JoJo kitchen!

Frozen Yoghurt Bites

A perfect snack for when the weather has warmed up and your child has a sweet tooth!


What you'll need

- Packet of grapes

- Preferred yoghurt


- Take grapes off the stem and rinse

- Freeze grapes for a few hours

- Once frozen, dip each grape into your preferred yoghurt and place on a baking sheet

- Add a topping if you wish - coconut shavings or a honey drizzling would be delicious!

- Pop them back in the freezer to set (20-30 mins)


Inside-Out Cucumber Sandwich

Who needs bread? Cucumbers are so delicious and refreshing!


What you'll need

- 1 or 2 cucumbers (depending on how many you're making)

- Spreadable cheese

- Deli meat of your choice

- Tomatoes

- (Optional) slices of cheddar cheese - for those who just can't get enough!


- Slice up your cucumbers into round pieces

- Start assembling! Add your fillings in whichever order you like, just make sure there's cucumber at the top and bottom


A Sea Life Treat: Octopus Hummus

It might sound a little crazy but trust me, it'll look cute and appetising all at the same time.


What you'll need

- Pot of hummus

- Bell peppers (as many as you like)


- Slice the top of your pepper, throw away the top portion

- Remove the seeds etc.

- Keep half a bell pepper to one side

- Cut the rest of the peppers into slim strips (to be used as tentacles)

- Spread a generous layer of hummus on a plate

- Start to assemble your octopus! Place the half bell pepper with the cut side down onto the hummus

- Place the strips all around to look like tentacles

- (Optional) you can cut up a few olives to make eyes and stick them on the pepper with some hummus

- Enjoy!