Top Tips for Your Next Family Skiing Holiday

Parenting vlogger SJ Strum is back on the blog with some brand-new tips and tricks. This time, she's giving us a sneak peek of her latest family skiing holiday and sharing her top tips on how to make the slopes a fun experience for all, no matter how skilled they may or may not be on the snow! 

The most popular questions parents have when it comes to activity holidays include 'what age is right for my child to start?' and 'is it affordable?'

The truth is, it all depends on your child and your family's situation! But there are many affordable options out there, especially when it comes to skiing which is a holiday that most would associate with luxury travel.

You can really learn to ski at any age. As SJ mentions in her video, she started learning in her early twenties! But her children, now aged 9, 5 and 2, all started taking lessons when they were 2 and have been going on ski holidays since they were tiny babies!

When it comes to the kids, watching them make a little progress with every ski holiday you take them on will make it fun and exciting. So, even if you think they are too young to take along this time, just think of what they will achieve the next time you go if you give them this early introduction!

If you have a family of children at different ages like SJ, one thing to consider is that while the older kids can certainly take part in the skiing aspect, there will also be facilities available for younger children to enjoy themselves. You could use the on-site nanny facilities or take advantage of the outdoor playgrounds - just make sure the little ones are always wrapped up warm!

SJ loved testing out our Kids’ Waterproof Ski Salopettes. Available in bright fuchsia or cool navy tones, ranging from 12 months to 6 years, they make a great alternative to renting expensive ski gear, as they can be used for skiing and staying home during the long winters once you return home. Our Children’s Alpine Snow Boots and waterproof fleece lined accessories including hats and mittens are also perfect for a ski holiday.

Good quality winter wear is all you really need for your toddler - skis can be hired and they won't need poles at this young age. To ensure you make the most of this exciting holiday, they could do ski school just for a couple of hours in the morning, giving you more time to spend as a family for the rest of the day. Or, you could have them in ski lessons all day so you can enjoy more time on the slopes too - it's really up to you!

One of the greatest things about ski holidays is the amazing scenery, make sure you get to enjoy it together! Kids of all ages will enjoy just playing in the snow together, running amok and generally just being kids in the great outdoors.

If you want to do your holiday on a budget, SJ's top tips include:

1. Renting a self-catering cabin instead of an all-inclusive resort.

2. Choosing Sweden as your destination and going outside of Swedish Easter holidays.

Self-catering may seem like extra work, but it can be a lot of fun and will help you save money. It will be like a camping experience for the family! Most cabins will have a BBQ area, so stock up on your favourite BBQ foods, something easy for breakfast and you're good to go.

SJ chose to visit Sweden on this latest family ski holiday, and her reason for doing so sounds so worth it! The slopes are a lot quieter and cheaper when you choose an off-peak time in the season like just after the Swedish Easter holidays.

Wherever you decide to go, you can guarantee one thing on a ski holiday – your children will sleep very well! Skiing and building snowmen all day is exhausting work, meaning the adults can enjoy a quiet evening to themselves, which is just what you need on holiday!


What was your experience of taking your family skiing? Let us know any of your tips or comments in the space below!