Weekends Before & After Kids

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Pre-children weekends are all about brunching with friends and nights out to chic bars, followed by Sunday morning lie-ins and traditional English fry ups. When you’ve decided to start a family, you’re not always going to think of the impact it’s going to have on your weekends – obviously, because all you want is a miniature version of yourself running around! But, when you do have children, you might find yourself wishing you’d appreciated those lie-ins and lazy Sundays just a little bit more! Have a read below at the 7 ways your weekend will change once you start a family.


Before: That ‘Friday feeling’ came around quicker than you could say ‘Margarita’ and Saturday will always result in having a couple glasses of pinot with your besties, because living for the weekend never seemed better!

After: On the one day you’ve decided to go out with friends and partners, you’ve been blind-sided by the sitter who’s just text saying they have to cancel. The days of roaming around freely with friends seem like a distant memory, and your dining out treats are switched to lukewarm milk, your child’s bedtime routine and lounging in front of the TV until morning rolls around!



Before: A leisurely stroll, picking up a few cute things for your evening out, nattering with friends and having coffee & cake breaks in between… Was the life you loved to live when you were footloose and fancy-free!

After: You’ll have to say a swift goodbye to the serenity of it all, because if you have a little one to worry about, you’ll no longer be thinking about that Bardot top in the window that’d look great on you, but contemplating the best public spot to feed your baby! Taking your little one out and about as a new parent can be a daunting prospect, so your first few weekends out with your baby should consist of small bursts to avoid constant nappy changing or temper tantrums. Online shopping will probably become your haven!




Before: The perfect day for nursing your hangovers and nourishing your body with a delicious smoothie. You’ll be lounging all day, becoming the very definition of a couch potato, as you watch re-runs of your favourite Netflix programmes and try to revive your energy for Monday morning.

Whoever said Sundays were a day of rest? You’ll have toddlers bouncing off the walls, wanting to explore the outdoors and do lots of fun-filled activities until they can do no more! Sundays are for swimming, walking, going to the park, jumping in puddles – basically anything that allows the children to exert their energy.



Before: Sipping on mimosas and nibbling cheesy breadsticks in that fancy Italian down the road is the perfect image of a weekend lunch date with your nearest and dearest. Taking your time choosing the perfect starters and mains that you’ll gobble down within minutes, because that’s exactly what you needed after a long week.

After: Forget fussy eating and pretty spots for dining and hanging out to come midday. As soon as you have children, you’ll be more concerned about whether or not there’ll be highchairs in this restaurant, or colouring pencils for them to play with in another, because you physically have no room in the changing bag or buggy for any practical toys.



Before: The perfect LBD, cute shoes, good conversation and spending quality time with your partner is the perfect pick-me-up after a hectic week at work! I mean, what else would you have to worry about except if you look good, if the company is great, and your food is going to be nice?

After: Unfortunately, date nights might become a pleasant, but distant memory… in between work, dinner, packed lunches, school uniforms and so much more, you’ll need some pretty special family/friends on speed dial when you and your partner are feeling an impromptu date night and you need a last-minute sitter!



Before: Hangovers are funny things, and although you’re having a hard time opening your eyes to light and smell of last night’s booze, and it’s all tied together by a thumping headache, you’ll wake up and laugh hysterically with friends as you lay top-and-tailing one another going over last night’s antics.

After: I mean, if you have a hangover, you’re kind of just asking for it? Stick a Disney movie on and pray for silence!



Before: You’ve decided to wake up early this Saturday and do a spring clean! Your house is spotless, (more or less), you’re taking your time polishing, packing away clothes and loading and re-loading the dishwasher. It’s a great day, and after it all you feel this amazing sense of accomplishment!

After: HA, clean house? Maybe for 10 minutes, until their dinosaur toy falls, makes a noise and its devilish eyes light up sending them into a panicky frenzy because they haven’t played with a toy in more than five minutes! Whilst all this is happening, your youngest is smearing his puréed peaches all over his head and highchair.


Maybe just embrace the mess?


Can you relate? Let us know your best and worst bits of a weekend with kids in the comments below.

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