Camilla Thurlow Shares Her Maternity Must-Haves

Earlier this month, we sat down with Camilla Thurlow to discuss her pregnancy fashion choices through every stage. From first trimester fatigue to maintaining your pre-pregnancy style, watch our video to hear all her tips and the essential items from JoJo she’s loving during pregnancy.


“The first trimester is really challenging. Because you might feel quite fatigued or sick, it’s really nice to have the essentials that make you feel comfortable”

“For me, one of the main things was a maternity bra – that is something that changes quite quickly. And I have to say, since wearing a maternity bra I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go back to a normal bra because they are just so comfy!”

“My other pregnancy essential from the 1st trimester were my maternity leggings. They have such a nice thick waistband that goes all the way up.”


“I think I was around 20 weeks by the time I really started having a proper little bump, which was so exciting, but before that I think my style had already started to change. I didn’t feel as comfortable in the clothes that I had been wearing before.”

“I’m a real jeans person. A pair of good maternity jeans was one of the very first things I bought in my second trimester. They have a piece of fabric that you can pull up and over your bump, so they feel really nice and secure.”

“I didn’t fit into my activewear from before, so that was definitely something I had to invest in… When we went for walks it was good to be comfortable – a proper sports bra always felt comfortable.”


“Now I’m in my third trimester and definitely feeling like I’m in my third trimester! My absolute essentials have been JoJo dungarees – they’re such an iconic item anyway. But they’re just brilliant. Mainly because they’re not going to fall down!”

“I prefer something loose that I can wrap around me like a blanket. It’s definitely something that I’ll be using post-birth.”




“One of the things I didn’t know before pregnancy is that you can get maternity bras that have clips and you can also get tops that just look like normal tops but actually have access for nursing, which can be really useful for the fourth trimester.”

“Looking forward to the 4th trimester, one thing I know I’ll definitely need is a coat. JoJo have the most genius coat!”

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