Elvie Pump: From Luxury to Necessity

Gabby Young (@Gabberdashery) is a new mum/ seamstress/ vlogger/ blogger/ knitter/ joy bringer! And today on the Little Extras blog, she's sharing her own personal experience with the Elvie Pump - the world's first silent wearable breast pump that allows you to pump anytime, anywhere, without worrying about connecting plug sockets or not having your hands free. Read more below to find out why this revolutionary breast pump went from being a luxury to a necessity to one very impressed new mum.

I definitely wasn't a well-researched pregnant woman. In fact, I'm hardly a well-researched mother; I'm very much learning on the job. One thing I particularly knew nothing about when I discovered I was pregnant was breast milk and how it would become such a huge part of my life!

But, one thing I did know very early on whilst carrying my baby girl is that I wanted an Elvie Pump. I wasn't really sure what made it so great compared to other pumps or how important it would be to have one later on down the line, but at the time I was just drawn to the sleek design and the playful, fun promo. The music video style advert came up on my Instagram one night while I was wide awake with pregnancy insomnia in the bathroom (we were doing DIY and I had nowhere else to go!) and I was hooked. I spoke to my mum the next day and she said it sounded like a miracle worker, as sitting next to a plug socket whilst holding a funnel to my boob was going to be my least favourite part of being a mother.

She was right - it is. Expressing milk is not fun, but for me it became a vital part of my routine very early on. The third day after my daughter was born my milk came in and, in my naivety, I didn't even know what that meant. I was a mess of engorged, leaking boobs and floods of tears whilst my poor baby girl was losing weight and not getting any of my milk. The midwife came over and put me on a pump. I was so happy to finally see my milk and start the process, but I did suddenly feel a bit trapped by it too - like I might never be able to leave the house again!

After a few weeks of being glued to the plug socket, I remembered the Elvie Pump ad and getting my hands on one went from being a luxury to a necessity - I needed freedom again!

When it arrived in its smart modern box I downloaded the app, cleaned everything, put it back together again in seconds and popped it in my bra thinking "this will change my life". 10 mins later, with not much going on (and me in tears again), I realised I had rushed the assembly and hadn't connected the valve properly so I slowed down, reassembled it and tried again... Hallelujah... It was working!

At first, I just sat still as the thought of actually moving about whilst pumping was so alien. Then I got up to change a nappy and answer the door to the postman and suddenly I forgot I was even pumping. I set the timer to alert me after 15 minutes and noticed my app said I had expressed about 80ml of milk which was pretty great for me! It was spot on - I had made 80ml of my liquid gold while getting on with my life! Because of my daughter's weight loss, we needed to top her up with the bottle after every feed, so I needed to express a lot. Now I could do it without having to sacrifice getting stuff done! I love this pump: the ease of use; small number of parts to put together and keep sterile; its quietness; discreteness and the brilliant app that goes with it which keeps me informed about how much milk I'm making without having to pause for a second, is revolutionary. I can even pump whilst breastfeeding - that's some serious multitasking! So, for me, the Elvie Pump has literally changed my life at a time when I needed it most.