International Day of the Midwife with My Expert Midwife

Today we celebrate International Day of the Midwife so we caught up with Lesley Gilchrist, co-founder and registered midwife at My Expert Midwife – the midwife-led brand that can help you through pregnancy, birth and new motherhood.


Why did you launch My Expert Midwife?

As a midwife you understand the physical challenges that pregnancy, birth and new motherhood has on women. My Expert Midwife was born because I realised that when I was asked by women what they could use on their sore perineum after birth, for example, there were no products that I could happily recommend.


Why are midwives such an important part of My Expert Midwife?

Having in-house midwives is really important for us as they understand how important it is to find something that addresses a really specific need in the pregnancy journey, never just a ‘nice to have’. They also provide all our content for blogs and social media that answers questions that many women have, in many cases taboo subjects, or things about the journey that women do not know to expect. Everything we talk about is evidence based, and we aim to educate and empower women so that they can make their own decisions, specifically around labour and birth.


What is the ethos behind the products?

The products are developed to solve a genuine problem and are made by carefully blending safe and proven premium ingredients, including a wide range of natural botanicals that are chosen to soothe, calm and relieve the many symptoms and side effects commonly experienced in pregnancy and after the baby is born.

We also pride ourselves on the detail, like product consistency – for example, a nipple balm that glides on and so does not drag sore nipples, and packaging – for example, a perineal spray that sprays upside down.

When can you start using My Expert Midwife products?

They are developed right from the first trimester with Spritz for Nausea helping to manage those feelings on sickness, to Fantastic Skin Elastic to help soothe dry, itchy, growing skin from the second trimester. In the third trimester you can start perineal massage from week 34; it is proven to reduce the risk of tearing in childbirth, as by massaging your perineum you are stretching the skin, and Peri Prep Your Bits is the ideal oil for this.

Our midwives know that in the later stages of pregnancy and the early stages of labour you can feel anxious and stressed and you can feel overwhelmed. Spritz for Labour is developed to help calm and ground you and bring focused energy which can help overcome feelings of nervousness and help you feel more in control.

Recovery after birth is so important, and using Spritz for Bits for instant relief, and Soak for Bits to help relieve soreness, bruising and relaxing tired muscles, will help aid your recovery.

Being a new mum can also be challenging and No Harm Nipple Balm is the perfect breastfeeding accompaniment, that can be used from day one, and protects nipples from becoming cracked and sore. Finding a nappy cream that is kind to delicate newborn skin is also important, and with only 5 ingredients, including medical grade lanolin, the No Harm Bum Balm protects and softens your baby’s skin at every nappy change, helping to relieve soreness and redness when they experience nappy rash.


What’s new at My Expert Midwife?

Midwifery is a highly regulated profession with unparalleled knowledge, but the midwives obviously also have a vast amount of hands-on experience helping women to birth their babies, in many different environments and situations, sharing some of the most joyous and wonderful moments in people’s lives, but also helping through sad and devastating times too.

This knowledge and experience has led us to launch our own My Expert Midwife Antenatal Classes, which are 100% led by registered midwives. The classes are modern, evidence-based and fluff-free, and will help prepare parents-to-be for the reality and variety of childbirth and early parenting, replacing anxiety with excitement and helping them to enjoy their journey.

We have also launched weekly Webinars which are also delivered live by one of our registered midwives. They are around 45 minutes and cover topics such as Perineal Massage, Gestational Diabetes, Colostrum Harvesting and Birth Partners.