Making Time for You-Time Before & After Kids

There’s nothing like spending time with your babies – watching funny movies together, playing games and splashing around at bath time, making the sweetest memories. But, it’s all too easy to remember what you used to get a kick out of and have abandoned since they came along. When was the last time you sat and enjoyed a glass of wine whilst painting your nails or reading the latest bestseller? Here's a little reminder of what you-time was like before kids and is probably like now - let the nostalgia kick in!

Mum and daughter relaxing


Then: Remember the days when you’d sit and have a good old movie marathon? You’d plod yourself in front of the tv, drink in one hand, popcorn stash in the other, and a cosy blanket at the ready.

Now: You may still be having movie marathons, but forget about your favourite rom-com, these days it’s all about Disney. If you’ve managed to go a week without having Frozen or Moana on-screen, we’d love to know your secret!



Then: After a long week of work, what better way to spend your Friday evening than giving yourself a bit of TLC with a full pamper session. You’d get the nail varnish, wax strips and face masks at the ready, and get in full prep mode for the weekend ahead.

Now: With kids on the loose, it’s a dangerous game having nail varnish and ‘instant glow’ tanning lotions lying around. Mostly, your Friday evening pamper session has turned into putting the kids to bed, having a quick bath and falling asleep on the sofa.



Then: Pass the biscuit tin and get your chips and dips in by the bucket load because you’re about to enjoy an evening of snacking on your favourite treats. Letting crumbs trickle down onto the blanket IS allowed because who do you have to report to at this point? That’s right, no-one!

Now: Your little ones have bottomless pits for stomachs, so the snacking sessions have to be done in the wardrobe – leaving no trail behind for them to realise there’s chocolate in the house.



Then: Pop the bottle top, the girls are coming over! Music is blasting, gossiping is in full swing and you’re surrounded by your nearest and dearest. Before you know it, it’s 2am and the night is still young!

Now: Having friends over? Not an easy task. Any friend you have coming over now will likely be those that have children, or your child’s friend’s mum who you’re not quite ready to spill all the beans to but hey, it’s a new friend! It’s a sad stage of adulthood, but those friends who just don’t understand the joys of motherhood may start to filter out of your social life.



Then: Trying to get that promotion? Want to get a head start on a project so you can leave early for the party this Friday? You can always bring some work home and get to it while you wait for your takeaway to arrive.

Now: Just forget it.



Then: Date night on a Wednesday? Why not! Get your glad rags on, get a last-minute reservation at your favourite restaurant, and you’ve got yourself the perfect romantic evening.

Now: Time alone? With your partner? If one of you manages to avoid falling asleep in the kids’ bed once you’ve finished the story, there’s a slight chance you can get a movie on and enjoy a glass of wine. That is, until the toddler gets up for a wee and sneaks into your bed in the process.


Now, we're not saying this happens every time you try and get some time to yourself! But, it's fun to reminisce on how easy it used to be to make a last minute pamper plan. As long as you've got your partner or babysitter at the ready, there's no reason you can't schedule in some important time for yourself. When was the last time you spent some you-time and what did you get up to? Let us know in the comments below.