Mama Mio have given themselves a makeover…

…with 100% natural feel-good fragrances, all-new sustainable packaging, vegan formulas and plant-based actives for 100% pregnancy safe products that really work! All products have been specially created with Mamas in Mind.

Created by four mamas for mamas, Mama Mio was one of the very first skincare brands dedicated solely to pregnancy products. Their popular Tummy Rub Butter originally launched in 2004 where it quickly became a pregnancy cult product, an essential for helping to protect against stretch marks.

Loved by countless mamas all over the world, Mama Mio’s range has grown to accommodate 13 other products, with their latest addition ‘Megamama Shower Milk’, a rich luxurious wash suitable for both pregnant and post-partum mamas.

Mama Mio Skincare

Clinically proven Pregnancy Skincare - that works!

We know that it’s not good enough to just tell you that our products work. So, we put them to the test in various user and clinical trials. Here are the results…


Tummy Rub Butter & Oil

Both our Tummy Rub Butter & Oil are clinically proven to increase skin elasticity, helping to protect against stretch marks*. Using the same effective omega rich skin stretch complex, the only difference between these products is their texture!

Both products use 100% natural fragrances and their vegan formulas are packed with plant based actives to deliver results mamas can both see and feel. Our Tummy Rub Butter is available in a lavender & mint fragrance or fragrance free, and both butter and oil come in supersize…specially designed for super-duper mamas.

98% of mamas would recommend our Tummy Rub Butter & Oil and claimed that it left skin feeling soothed and relieved. **

Treasure your chest…with our Keep Calm Nipple Balm!

98% of mamas agreed that after using this rich balm, nipples were left feeling instantly soothed, and 93% agreed it helped protect nipples from dryness***. Now vegan, our 100% natural nipple balm is a game changer for breast feeding mamas struggling with dry nipples. It’s simple oil and butter blend works hard to nourish skin, and doesn’t have to be removed before baby latches on. The packaging is also sustainable and is 100% recyclable once finished. 

Mama Mio Nipple Balm

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We pride ourselves on using the best, most effective and clean ingredients in all of our products. Made with mamas in mind, each ingredient has been specially selected to help you and your skin during your nine-month stretch and beyond. All of our lovely products are Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Dermatologically tested.

We have designed our scent to have subtle notes of citrus so that it can be loved by even the most sensitive noses. Our natural feel-good fragrance contains a blend of Orange Oil, Mandarin, Bergamot, May Chang and Lime. Totally unique to Mama Mio, it's 100% natural and 86% of mamas thought that it lifted their mood!**

Treading gently on the planet

We also understand the importance of looking after the planet to protect future generations…

We source packaging and materials sustainably and responsibly. Our cardboard comes from FSC managed forests and our new tubes use up to 28% less plastic than our old ones, and their sleeve is made from 100% sugarcane! This means that creating them results in 18% less carbon emissions than our old ones.

Recycling our jars, pumps and tubes is also easy peasy: plastic in your plastic bin and card in your paper bin (unfortunately our pump isn't recyclable yet but we're working on it!).

Mama Mio Skincare

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*tested on 60 women in an independent clinical trial
**tested on 60 women in an independent consumer trial
***tested on 56 breastfeeding women with sore/dry nipples in an independent consumer trial