Real Mums’ Responses to the JoJo Activewear Collection Part 1

We recently reached out to our friends at Pure Barre Westport, Connecticut USA to see what some of the women who train there thought of our JoJo Activewear collection. Today, Kristina shares her thoughts and experiences about working out, maternity wear and becoming a mother.

Welcome to the Little Extras blog Kristina! And congratulations; how are you finding motherhood so far?

Life changing.

It’s amazing and exhausting. It’s an unbelievable love I didn’t know possible.


How far into your pregnancy did you continue to work out? 

I continued to work out as much as I could right until delivery. I think the trick is to listen to your body and don't push yourself too hard, but even towards the end there are things you can do to keep your strength up. Luckily I had the trainers at Pure Barre to guide me.


What type of workouts did you do?

I continued my classes at Pure Barre, which involve a total body workout focused on low-impact, high intensity movements that lift and tone muscles to improve strength, agility, and flexibility for every body.


Were there any exercises you avoided doing?

In the beginning pretty much everything at Pure Barre is safe for pregnancy with a few modifications.  Towards the end, my abs became hard. I stopped lifting my legs off the floor and pretty much stopped all lower ab work.


At what stage during your pregnancy did you find you needed to switch to maternity clothes?

About 5-6 months in.


Was it difficult to find suitable workout clothes during pregnancy? 

Yes. There's not much on the market right now and it was difficult to find good quality leggings that weren't see-through and offered enough support.


What are your favourite pieces from the JoJo Activewear collection?

The leggings were life saving. They gave me the support I needed but also looked super cute and were extremely comfortable.


After your baby arrived, how did you find getting back into a workout routine?

As soon as my doctor gave me the ok I was back at it.  It felt amazing to get some of myself back. I was nervous at first but I felt strong and was glad I didn’t waste any time.


Do you continue to wear your JoJo Activewear after pregnancy? 

Yes! My body still needs some extra room and support, so the pieces are great postpartum.


If there’s one piece of advice you could give to other women about work outs and pregnancy what would it be?

Keep going!  Labour is hard and it helps to be strong.


What do you hope to teach your baby about working out and healthy living?

It’s important to keep your body strong by working out and eating right, but of course don’t make yourself crazy.  It should be fun and make you happy.


Would you recommend the JoJo Activewear collection to other women, why?

Yes,  it keeps you going when you’re hormonal and bigger than you’re used to, when the workouts get harder and you get more exhausted throughout pregnancy, feeling comfortable and pretty can make all the difference.