Ways to Make Yourself A Priority After You Become a Mum

We’re going to make this quick and simple! Every new mum deserves that extra TLC when they’re feeling fragile, tired and excited all at the same after having a baby. Yes, it’ll probably feel like you’re snowed under when you’re constantly burping, bottle feeding and bathing your bundle. So, today we’ll be listing a few tips on how to keep yourself a priority and to not fade into the stacks of muslins and bibs. Have a read below for our suggestions!

1. Grab a pen and notepad and begin to write down a list of your hobbies. If you’re finding it a little difficult and you can’t think of anything, think back to 2/ 5/ 10 years ago and pop down a list of interests that you enjoyed back then. If there are things you realise you miss, why not choose a day during the week and arrange for your baby to stay with a family member or friend so you can go ahead and take it up again. Whether it’s horse riding, writing, or photography, go out and relish in your day!


2. Why not buy yourself a small treat? Whether you’re a bath bomb fanatic or a chocolate connoisseur, it’s time you invested in yourself.


3. Now is the perfect time to catch up with friends, especially if they have kids too. Simply picking up the phone and catching up with a nearest and dearest will do you the world of good.


4. New pyjamas are the perfect choice for when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and you need a quick pick me up! The feel of crisp pyjamas after a long day of making sure your baby is catered to is just what a busy mother needs to cosy up in.


5. You know how they say, ‘You should change your mattress every 8 years’, well do you remember when the last time you changed yours? Sure, it isn’t the least expensive thing you could purchase after buying heaps new of items for your baby, but it’ll be a luxury for you and your partner to enjoy after all those sleepless nights and round the clock nappy changes.


6. You’re allowed to ask for help! So, whether it’s from your partner, friend, or a family member, asking for a little support here and there is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Regardless of everyone thinking you're super mum, even you need a break. It could be that you’re struggling with breastfeeding or need some tips on how to bathe your child – whatever it is, your closest comrades will be there to assist you.


7. You’re going to get to know lots of other yummy mummies on this journey, so why not take it outside the mother’s group and meet up for a coffee, have a natter and even swap your mothering tips. Since you’ll all have babies around the same age, there’ll be no question of whether kids to bring the kids along or not.


8. Join a class. Whether it’s yoga or pilates, it’ll help you find your inner zen and get fit while doing so! There are even classes that your baby can join in with, so you’ll both be feeling the benefits.


Now that we’ve listed some of our top tips on how to make yourself a priority when becoming a new mum, take the time to pick a few that suit your lifestyle or routine and enjoy your you-time as often as you can.