Created By You: Meet the JoJo Models of AW20

Preparing our new collection looked a little different this year. With cancelled photoshoots throwing plans into chaos, you – our lovely customers – stepped in and got behind the camera. AW20 was made possible by you, and the results are simply gorgeous! 


Alfie loves to eat peas, one by one, and would like nothing more than to have a bowl of them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. His favourite game is Peekaboo - with a muslin, his bib or any toy he's able to hide behind. He now only agrees to stay put when changing his nappy if you sing to him but is polite enough to applaud. Alfie still falls asleep by sucking the ear of his little Peter Rabbit toy (the right ear, in particular, or else he’ll swap it!)


AYLA (oldest) & ARIYA (youngest)

Ayla loves spending her time in the garden watering the plants, and has especially enjoyed growing her own vegetables. She loves to do painting too, but will always remain super clean and she hates mess!

Ariya loves to make lots of mess, she loves the garden and has thoroughly enjoyed splashing in the paddling pool with her sister. Ariya also loves trying on pairs of sunglasses, like a true fashionista.



Avie loves trees and will always point out the trees to us or run and get her “cook” (book) in the mornings to show us the trees in them, which is why it was nice to take her photos under the trees in her favourite park.



Albert loves nothing more than exploring the great outdoors, discovering and playing as he goes. He particularly loves collecting sticks and pine cones and stomping through leaves and very muddy puddles!



Oscar is a little woodland explorer, he regularly explores the local woodland area with mummy, daddy, 2 big sisters and George the dog! He loves collecting sticks, acorns and stones, usually in his little basket ‘for special things!’



Luca enjoys going on adventures with our pup, Flo. His favourite place is at our local farm where he gets to see the farm animals...



Willow is joyful, happy and a tiny bit cheeky, she never fails to make us giggle! She adores her JoJo outfits - particularly her boots, so much so that she insisted on wearing them to bed!



Ada is a Disney loving, independent, chatterbox who never ceases to amaze us with the things she knows. She adores having pockets so the JoJo dress with pockets we were asked to photograph was perfection, especially with the hidden bunny inside.

Alfred is a great lover of dinosaurs, planes and the outdoors. He loves nothing more than splashing in puddles and making “roar” noises with his toy dinos. Photographing in JoJo’s wellingtons was a dream come true for Alf, who can be found wearing wellies most of the day regardless of the weather.




Niamh’s favourite thing to do is come for buggy runs with mummy and make up her own songs. She loved these duck outfits, as on our favourite run we go the the park to look for ducks to feed!



Eleanor is an excitable and loving 2 year old. She loves being outdoors and had so much fun while taking these photos for JoJo, especially when she got to throw leaves around. Eleanor has thrived during lockdown and started walking in the first few weeks. She mainly communicates with Makaton and is obsessed with Mr Tumble.