Which Game of Thrones characters have been inspiring baby names?

With Game of Thrones’ 7th season arriving in the wee hours of this morning (being awake at 2am with a new baby finally comes with perks), it’s the talk of the town yet again. And, across the UK, parents have been looking to the smash hit TV series for inspiration when naming their new arrival. Although Game of Thrones has its fair share of more conventionally named characters such as Jaime and Jon, the characters Sansa, Cersei and Sandor probably aren’t going to have much luck finding a personalised keyring in their local gift shop.


The Office for National Statistics (ONS) publishes numbers for all names which have been given to at least three babies, and the results may surprise you.


Since GOT began in 2011, there have been 201 girls given the name Khaleesi, and 19 named Daenerys. Theon and Tyrion have been gaining popularity too, with 78 and 44 respectively since 2011, along with 30 babies named Bran. Although Arya was by no means unheard of pre-GOT (the year before its premiere, there were 42 babies given the name), it has shot up in popularity since, with 280 Aryas in 2015 alone. Conversely, the ONS had no single record for the name Sansa before Game of Thrones hit our screens, with 26 occurrences since.


So, whether or not you’re glad Game of Thrones is back on the small screen, who knows – it might just be an unlikely place to find the perfect baby name.


Let us know, have you been tempted by a Game of Thrones-inspired name for your own child?