How to Recycle Old Baby Clothes

Upon hearing that the use of baby banks in the UK has risen by 500% in the last five years, for this year’s From A Mother to Another campaign we’ve reached out to a network of over 50 baby banks to help families who really need our help. So, if you're looking for an alternative to passing on your baby's clothes to friends and family members who are not in desperate need of them, throwing them in the bin (please never do this!), or giving them to the local charity shop, think of the baby banks!


Collections in our stores begin on 1st March - start organising your kids' wardrobes now!

Baby banks redistribute pre-loved baby items to families that cannot afford to buy them, and by donating clothes to our FAMTA campaign, you are helping 1 in 100 families in the UK and Ireland.

Through FAMTA, we aim to reduce the shocking levels of clothing waste that end up in landfill by asking customers to donate pre-loved clothing (aged 0m-6yrs of any brand). Last year’s From a Mother to Another campaign collected and recycled approximately 7 tonnes of clothing, which was made up into emergency packs and has since been distributed to charities in the UK and overseas. JoJo sent a total of over 4000 packs, each containing three complete outfits.

Sophia Parker, Chief Executive of Little Village, a network of baby banks working in Southwark, Wandsworth and Camden said “we’re delighted to be part of JoJo’s 2019 FAMTA campaign. It’s a perfect way for families to help one another, ensuring that every child has the clothing they need. It’s great to see a company playing such an important role in supporting families who are struggling."

We’re also working closely again with The Trussell Trust, a nation-wide network of foodbanks to distribute the packs as well as sending emergency packs to Syrian refugees.


Please do encourage friends, families and customers to donate!


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