Nema Update: July 2017

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll be familiar with the amazing work that our in-house charity, Nema, does in Mozambique. Through education and training – rather than handouts – we’re equipping the local communities with the skills they need to thrive. We recently employed a new Nema Genral Manager, Gustavo Dias, who is from central Mozambique and works closely with former Nema scholars. Sending us weekly updates, it’s fantastic to see how our funds (and your donations!) are making the projects on the ground happen.

HIV/Aids & health awareness

73 Nema scholars took part in two days of cleaning the Naunde and Mucojo clinics, under the supervision of the Nema team and healthcare personnel. They also helped carry sand and water to the Naunde Maternity Clinic which is currently being built – it’s taking shape and soon the floor will be going in. An awareness session for STDs and early pregnancy took place too, followed by HIV & Aids tests, with the full support of the Mucojo clinic staff.


Old people & orphans research

Some of the students conducted research into vulnerable people in their villages, and discovered large numbers of old people (between 15 and 120 per community) and between 7 and 124 children in each community who had lost at least one parent. Nema worker Assane interviewed one elderly man, who in his own words, said: “the people in the community have lost trust in us. Everything in today’s world, you need money to buy. We don’t have money to buy anything, there is nothing we hope for in this life, apart from waiting to die. We really need help, a lot of help”. The Nema workers noticed that many of these people don’t have latrines, and the plan is to build 10 for vulnerable families in each community. Another 10 vulnerable families in each community will also receive one bag of Matafome (a high protein food, much like porridge) every month.


Guludo & Nema Plantation

500 cashew trees will be purchased and planted around Guludo Lodge, and workers on both sides will be responsible for taking care of them. The trees are a fantastic source of income, and will also act as a barrier for uncontrolled fires. In 3 years’ time we’re predicting each tree will produce 4 - 15kg of cashews per year. The income will be divided between Nema, Guludo and the workers.


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