Christmas Activities to Do in London Under £15

Let’s face it, Christmas isn’t exactly the cheapest time of year. Once we’ve bought presents, taken the kids on a few outings and fed everyone their festive fare our wallets are often feeling rather empty. But, that doesn’t mean the festivities have to end there! There are plenty of free and cheap and cheerful activities […]

Cake Smashing Tips from Ginger Ray

Celebrating your baby’s first birthday is special for a number of reasons, but one special moment that will be treasured for years to come is watching them delve into their very first birthday cake. Also known as “cake smashing”, most parents will allow their bright-eyed little one to smother themselves with their cake, getting plenty […]

The Book Edit: Our Favourite Christmas Stories Revealed

Winter bedtimes are cosier and made infinitely more lovely as frost creeps up the windows and (if you’re lucky) snow falls and settles softly outside. As you snuggle up in bed with your little one in your warm JoJo pyjamas, ready for the bedtime story before they nod off to sleep, you’ll feel relaxed and […]

The Benefits of a Baby Massage

Massaging your child is a lovely way for you to spend some quality bonding time together while helping them to relax. Gentle massages can soothe your child and aid them in a better night’s sleep, making them ideal for adding to your usual bedtime routine. Not only this, but massaging has many physical benefits like […]

A Touch of Magic: Personalised for You

Did you know that some of our gifts are available for you to personalise with a name of your choice? This extra special touch helps create a unique present that loved ones will treasure for years to come. Think stockings with a little one’s name embroidered in a delicate thread, a ragdoll with their name […]

Dinner Time Questions to Get Kids Talking

During the week, it’s tough for the whole family to sit down, de-stress and enjoy a hearty homemade dinner. Between homework, dirty nappies and the agonising struggle to get them into their bubble baths, you’re probably at your whit’s end. But, when you’ve finally established a good routine, sitting down and hearing about everyone’s day […]

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