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At the Frontline of the Climate Emergency

Life in Northern Mozambique is still awful for its residents. Although these people are the least responsible for the climate crisis and conflicts fuelled by fossil fuels, they are the ones who are suffering the most as a result. With insurgents now attacking villages, many of our projects to rebuild the communities following Cyclone Kenneth are on hold, because it is just too dangerous to work there.

On the 25th April 2019, Cyclone Kenneth hit Northern Mozambique
With no records of cyclones hitting that far north, no one was prepared
Over 95% of homes were destroyed and over 100,000 lives affected

During the cyclone recovery we have helped distribute over 80,000 tons of food thanks to local and international support. We have rebuilt 11 schools, 2 clinics and the ambulance station. We are continuing to offer scholarship places at the Nema Foundation boarding schools, so the children will still have a chance of getting a good education and stepping out of poverty and we will buy sanitation products and water filters to help those who have fled from the insurgents, who are burning their homes and shelters and terrorising villages. Any donation will be greatly appreciated - every penny will go directly to supporting our communities. We will not rest until they no longer need our support.

About Us

JoJo works with Nema to help reduce infant mortality rates in Northern Mozambique. Nema’s holistic approach to sustainable aid empowers the local people to free themselves from poverty through education and enterprise.

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Nema funds various educational projects and has so far built five schools, enabling 1,500 children to receive an education. Nema also works with local communities to provide healthcare, clean water and enterprise opportunities.

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