A New Conflict: War & Destruction Escalates in Cabo Delgado

As the world comes to terms with the effects of COVID-19, it can be easy to forget about the hardships that existed – and continue to exist – in the third world before the virus took over the headlines. Sadly, extreme poverty, war and famine are as prevalent as ever in many parts in the world, including in the area of Northern Mozambique where our company charity, Nema, is based.

Over 400,000 civilians have been forced to flee their homes in the midst of Islamist militant attacks and local mining and off-shore gas field disputes.
This, following the devastation of Cyclone Kenneth in April 2019 which destroyed over 95% of homes, is plunging hundreds and thousands of people back into extreme poverty

So much of the progress we have spent many years building has been shattered or put in jeopardy, but it is much too dangerous to work there now. We are continuing to offer scholarship places at the Nema Foundation boarding schools, so the children will have a chance of getting a good education and stepping out of poverty. Since October, we have helped evacuate over 900 vulnerable people from the war-zone and we will soon visit the remaining families to support them as best we can with farming/ fishing equipment and funds for hospital access should they get sick or suffer an attack.

Any donation will be greatly appreciated - every penny will go directly to supporting our communities. We will not rest until they no longer need our support.

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JoJo works with Nema to help reduce infant mortality rates in Northern Mozambique. Nema’s holistic approach to sustainable aid empowers the local people to free themselves from poverty through education and enterprise.

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Nema funds various educational projects and has so far built five schools, enabling 1,500 children to receive an education. Nema also works with local communities to provide healthcare, clean water and enterprise opportunities.

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