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JoJo Quality

At JoJo, we have been designing kids’ outerwear for over 25 years to ensure children can enjoy outdoor play at any time of the year. Our polarfleece and waterproof styles are ‘Performance Outerwear’, which means that just like specialist outdoor brands, they have been designed to offer high levels of protection with the JoJo comfort and durability you can rely on for active babies and children.


Use this guide to find out which outerwear piece your child needs to shield them from the elements.

This Guide Covers


How waterproof garments are made to stay dry in the wettest of weather using quality fabrics and innovative technologies


Wind Resistance

Find out how wind resistant fabrics are constructed for full wind protection when the chill is at its worst



We explain how we test for the warmth and breathability of our fabrics to ensure children stay cosy against the cold


If you’d like to skip the science and jump to our advice on choosing a jacket, click the button below.

Waterproofing – Rain Rain, Go Away!


Rain Rain, Go Away!

Our waterproofing systems can be broken down using our star ratings, which can also be found on the tags when shopping in store.



3 stars mean the garment is made with 100% WATERPROOF fabric and with taped or bonded seams to keep water out.


2 stars indicate a SHOWER PROOF style. The fabric is waterproof, but the seams are not taped so some water will probably get in if there’s a heavy downpour.


1 star is given to WATER REPELLENT fabrics, like our polarfleece, which have a special finish applied to offer great protection in light showers by deflecting raindrops.

Sealing the Seams

For rainwear to be waterproof, the seams must be taped or bonded to keep any tiny holes caused by needle stitching blocked. Our product descriptions and features will let you know which method we have used on each jacket – both are fully effective!


Wind Resistance – a Wind-Wind Solution

Wind Resistance

Wind-Wind Solution

The way we weave our fabrics ensures they are breathable but tight enough to block out chills to keep your child warm. This system means we don’t have to use any plastic laminate or other extra materials – just a clever way with a loom.

Our star rating system will let you know how well a garment is equipped to protect you against strong winds.



A 3-star jacket will offer you full wind protection for when the wind chill factor is at its worst.



2 stars means the garment can cut out the wind on most days, but the odd bitterly cold wind will seep through.



1-star styles are a good outer layer for autumn or spring when there might be a bit of a breeze and you need something light to throw on.


Breathability - No More Stuffy Sleeves


No More Stuffy Sleeves

Active children and babies need protecting against the elements but without the risk of overheating. Our waterproof fabrics are designed with pores that are small enough to keep water out but big enough to release water vapour as they start warming up, making them breathable too. JoJo polarfleece is extra cosy but also boasts breathable properties, making it perfect for outdoorsy types.

Snug As a Bug In a Rug

Our outerwear also has a rating system to measure its warmth, to help you decide which style to buy depending on the weather.


3 stars = extra cosy for the coldest of winter or snowy weather.



2 stars = medium warmth for most winter days.



1 star = good layer to keep out autumn or spring chills.


Explore By Type

Only you know exactly what your child will be getting up to in their new jacket. Are you buying ahead for the season? Going on a big snowy adventure? Looking for something to throw on every day? We’ve broken our collection down into 4 broad categories to help make your decision a little easier.


Our waterproof outerwear includes two ranges: the taped Performance Rainwear and the bonded Waterproof Rainwear.

Taped Performance Rainwear

All styles in the range have taped seams to ensure they are waterproof and windproof. The fabric is also extra soft, flexible and lightweight for babies and small children. As well as jackets, there are dungarees, trousers hats and mittens – make sure you explore the whole set! Many of the jackets feature a cosy fleece lining and have slightly longer backs to prevent soggy bottoms. The range is also made from recycled fabrics, making it a great option for the eco-conscious parent.

Bonded Waterproof Rainwear

This range is designed to be fun, practical and waterproof, with lots of essential extras like zip guards, big front pockets and storm collars to keep out the chill. In Spring/ Autumn you may find our range is mostly cotton-lined for comfort, and our Winter range is lined with recycled fleece for extra cosiness.

Pack-Away Waterproof

Not only is our Pack-Away Rainwear perfect for spring showers thanks to the 100% waterproof fabric with taped seams, it has been made from recycled clothing which could otherwise have been sent to landfill. If those aren’t reasons enough to love these products, they’re also made with breathable fabric for extra comfort and pack away into their own integral bag that makes them easy to take on every outdoor adventure.


JoJo Polarfleece is a premium performance fabric– most ‘fashion’ fleece costs around £2 per metre to make, but ours can cost £6-8! Super soft and cosy, our polarfleece garments have proven to be a hit and have been bestsellers for as long as we can remember. The whole range has a water-resistant coating that isn’t completely waterproof but is designed to repel droplets. It’s the perfect extra cosy layer to add in winter and is often used as ski-wear due to its lightweight, soft and comfortable design.


Finally, we have some stylish options for those who are looking for everyday or special occasion outerwear that may not have all the premium features that come with Performance Outerwear, but still do a great job at keeping your little one warm and cosy.

Don’t forget their feet!

Our children’s wellies are without a doubt one of our most popular products. And did you know we have water resistant snow boots and cosy waterproof baby booties too? If you’re shopping for your baby, we recommend our Waterproof Fleece Lined Baby Booties, which are packed full of great features like Velcro™ straps and are made from 100% recycled polyester. Toddlers and children can enjoy the outdoors in style in our Children’s Wellies which are fully waterproof and come in plenty of bright colours and fun character designs. Our Children’s Alpine Snow Boots and Children’s Cosy Snow Boots feature moulded soles with deep treads for extra grip in the snow, and have a water resistant outer to keep out the snow.