Sleep Snuggler Guide

Jersey sleepers for ages 6m -3y with removable sleeves, polyester wadding, separated legs and detachable booties.

Your baby should weight at least 10lbs/4.5kg to use a sleep snuggler

All our sleep snugglers are to be used without additional bedding

Adjust clothing according to temperature of the room
Sleep Snuggler Guide
Our chart is a general guide but always check your baby is comfortable
Room Temp Season Tog Rating What To Wear
19°c - 21°c All year round except warm summer 2.5 tog One Layer:
Long Sleeved Cotton Bodysuit OR Cotton Sleepsuit OR Pajamas
15°c - 18°c All year round except warm summer 2.5 tog Two Layers:
Long Sleeved Cotton Bodysuit + Cotton Sleepsuit OR Pajamas
Sizing for Muslin, Travel, Sheet, Cozy, Jersey and Classic sleeping bags
0-6mths 6-18mths 18mths-4yrs
67cm long 87cm long 92-107cm long


Newborn Sleeping Bags
Newborn 0-3mths 3-6mths
50cm 56cm 62cm


3-in-1 Bags
0-6mths 6-18mths 18mths-3yrs 3-5yrs
70cm long 90cm long 100cm long 110cm long