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Maternity Clothes

Our maternity clothes are designed to be both on trend and affordable to see you through your pregnancy in comfort and style. Wearing clothes that fit well really makes a difference to how you feel, especially during the later stages of pregnancy. Our designs put comfort high on the agenda and aim to provide the clothes you will need for every occasion whether you are in the office, planning a night out or simply relaxing at home. Our breastfeeding collection includes tops, dresses and nursing bras to offer you easy, practical dressing options after your little one arrives.

Leggings are a must have throughout your pregnancy! They fit snuggly and securely, yet have a great amount of stretch in all the right places to keep you feeling comfortable and secure as you get bigger! Great high waist so you don't feel tension over your bump too! - Jess
Jumpers & Knits

Love your layers. Not only is it a great look but being able to easily remove a layer or two will ensure you remain comfortable throughout the day. It’s a fantastic way to mix and match outfits too.
Trousers & Shorts
Nursing Tops

Buy shapes and colours that you are used to wearing - you don’t have to change your style. Remember to buy your pre-pregnancy size too. Our clothes are designed to fit and flatter your bump throughout the nine months.

Pregnancy Calendar

If you're expecting, you'll love our new pregnancy calendar, designed to help you through your journey. Each month, you will receive a specially tailored email packed with tips and advice, along with exclusive discounts and offers for each stage of your pregnancy.

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