The From a Mother to Another recycling charity initiative works to reduce the amount of clothing waste going to landfill whilst helping those in humanitarian need in a practical manner.

Facts & figures
Nearly a third of the UK’s clothing ends up in landfill, that’s 350,000 tonnes a year! Extending the average life of clothes by just three months of active use would reduce carbon and water waste by up to 5-10% a year. We’re on a mission to try and prevent these outgrown or unused clothes from going to waste, while helping to support vulnerable families in the UK and Syrian refugees, who have been displaced by the war.

How FAMTA works
The FAMTA campaign begins a few weeks before Mother’s Day when we ask our customers to bring their good quality outgrown baby and children’s clothes to a JoJo store. All the packages are sent to our warehouse in Newport where we pack them into lovely gift parcels and send them to the charities we are working with to distribute them to families in crisis in the UK and Lebanon.

JoJo Maman Bébé’s From a Mother to Another campaign 2018 collected approximately seven tonnes of good quality clothes from landfill. After another well supported collection from JoJo’s customers, the hand-me-down clothing is now being distributed to families in need across the UK, via Trussell Trust food banks and to refugees living in camps in Lebanon. This year JoJo sent over 4000 packs, each containing three outfits, to charities in the UK and overseas.

We had 200 pairs of shoes
Approx 7904 outfits
This year we have packed 4,152 packs
2,250 went out to charities within the UK
1,902 are going to charities overseas
Over the last four year JoJo has saved over 150,000 from landfill and given to those in need.

Our Partner Charities in the UK, Ireland and abroad include:

Not only have these clothes been saved from landfill they mean so much to the charities that receive them. Kezia M’Celland of Viva said “We have so appreciated the packs of baby clothes and shoes which we’ve been able to distribute through our local partner in Lebanon – they have made a real difference to children and families who are struggling to survive after six years of conflict.”

Patricia Hasbani of Offre Joie thanks everyone who has donated to the campaign “It is with great pleasure that we are able to thank you for giving the chance to Lebanese and Syrian children to feel warm, and make them feel they are not left alone to face their hardships."

Samantha Stapley, Corporate Partnerships Manager at The Trussell Trust, adds “We are delighted at the recent success of the From a Mother to Another campaign, which has supported foodbanks to offer additional help alongside emergency food to families referred to them. Over a third of the three-day emergency food supplies provided by Trussell Trust foodbanks go to children in crisis, the From a Mother to Another campaign means that Trussell Trust foodbanks can offer gift bags for children to struggling mums across the country.”

FAMTA 2018
Our 2018 collection has now ended. Please visit the webpage in the lead up to Mother’s Day 2019 for details on how to get involved.

Thank you, with your help we can make a difference.