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Kids' Red Float Suit

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Made for JoJo by Konfidence - A practical Sun Protection Suit with removable floats, great for kids who do not like armbands and want the extra security of an all in one garment. Designed with all the protection of our 1-piece sun protection suits and the buoyancy of our float suits, the Kids' Red Float Suit is the perfect poolside or beach accessory for children who are still learning to gain confidence in the water. The all-in-one design is less restrictive than armbands and the floats are arranged to keep them in the correct swimming position for a comfortable and safe swim. Featuring a zip back opening for easy dressing, a high neck for extra coverage and cheerful colours that make children easier to spot in busy spots. Please note - these are not life jackets. Never leave your child alone in or near water. Please see our warnings to ensure safety in the water.
  • Removable floats with adjustable buoyancy to suit swimming development and individual child's needs
  • Please ensure that the Konfidence swimming aid is a good fit to the wearer’s body and is within the correct weight bands as shown on the packaging and product. This will ensure maximum flotation
  • For younger children in particular, it is important that their hands are held at least until they have become used to the buoyancy provided
  • Konfidence swimming aids are designed to aid learning to swim outside of formal swimming lessons. Please encourage the wearer to move their arms and legs to build their confidence in the water as quickly as possible
  • Konfidence swimming aids will not eliminate the potential dangers of water play. They cannot replace proper adult supervision, but can help children learn to swim and moreover, learn to enjoy the water
  • For guidance – approx. body weight – age group: 11-15kg = 12 – 24 months; 15-18kg = 24 – 36 months; 18-30kg = 3 – 6 years
WARNING: Keep away from fire. Remove all packaging before giving to your child. Please retain the packaging information for future reference.

Users are advised that this product should not be bitten or chewed by the user as pieces that may be bitten off/ torn from/ come away from the material may cause a choking hazard.

Always check component parts of this product for signs of ageing or damage. If the floats or fabric are torn or ripped, please replace the product immediately. Do not store this product until it is completely dry to reduce the chance of mould or colour change. Sunlight and pool chemicals will eventually lead to the fading of bright colours.

WARNING: Will not protect against drowning. Use only under constant adult supervision. Not for use in boating. Use only for swimming tuition and with the child within arm’s reach at all times.
82% Nylon, 18% Elastane
Machine wash on a warm setting
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