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Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Gender Pay

For some time, the UK has been working towards reducing the gender pay gap between men and women in the workplace. In 2017, the Government introduced reporting requirements intended to encourage meaningful action.

Gender pay gap figures are a measure of average pay across the men and women in a whole organisation, regardless of the nature or level of their work. This differs from an equal pay comparison which directly compares men and women who undertake work of a similar nature and is equal in value.

Looking Back

At JoJo, we have been working hard to acknowledge and reduce our gender pay gap through flexible working policies, enhanced parental pay policies and improved development opportunities. We are proud to have demonstrated steady progress, which is testament to our B Corp ethics.

Since 2017, we have seen a consistent improvement in our mean and median gender pay gaps (from 22% to 13% and from 14% to -1% respectively), which brings us below current national averages.

Next Steps - Bonus Pay

Having focused on our overall gender pay gap, we now look to shift our focus towards our bonus gap and how we manage different bonus structures around the business.

Currently, this includes small commissions available to our retail teams, whilst our office teams receive bonus considering the overall performance of the business.

Over the past 12 months, we have heavily invested into our pay structure and continue to ensure that our teams receive a competitive market salary.

Given that our retail teams are predominately female, we consistently see a higher proportion of women receiving a bonus than men:

% of employees receiving a bonus payment by gender

Nonetheless, our mean bonus pay gap shows an improvement against 2018, with our mean bonus gap reported at 56% (down from 66% in 2018).

Enhanced Parental Pay

The introduction of our enhanced parental pay policies has seen an increase in retention following parental leave from approximately 45% to 65%, giving women with families the opportunities to continue their careers and build on their salary potential.

We are proud that the gender make- up of our board of directors is representative of the JoJo team as a whole, with over 80% of the board of directors being female.

Employee Demographics

The representation of men and women in each quarter of the pay bands highlights two key points.

Firstly, the proportion of women in our top pay quartile continues to increase year on year. We are particularly proud that the gender make-up of our board of directors is representative of the JoJo team as a whole (over 80% female) and bucks the general trend for male orientated leadership teams.

Secondly, women are over represented in retail positions, likely due to the appeal of flexible, local work which is often favoured by women. Male employees are more heavily represented in roles associated with our distribution centre or head office teams.