Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

The snapshot date under consideration in this report is 5th April 2020, and with lockdown 1 well underway at this point, all our retail stores were closed and the majority of our employees were sadly furloughed. This has resulted in the exclusion of most of our employees from this year’s calculations, so they are based on the employees who remained in work to meet the company’s uplift in online trade - just 17% of our workforce. This is mostly our customer service centre and office employees working remotely, and our incredible distribution team who worked tirelessly in line with safe working practices in our warehouse.

Gender Pay

Gender pay gap figures are a measure of average pay across the men and women in a whole organisation, regardless of the nature or level of their work. This differs from an equal pay comparison which directly compares men and women who undertake work of a similar nature and is equal in value.

April 2020

April 2020 saw the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The government cancelled the requirement to publish the April 2019 Gender Pay Gap figures due to the pandemic, but JoJo has a strong commitment to making our figures available, and proceeded with publishing the data voluntarily. This year has seen a postponement in the deadline, and JoJo has aimed to make these figures available at the earliest opportunity.

Bonus Pay

We have taken steps to update our retail bonus structure to a more encompassing scheme, addressing the historical gulf in Median Bonus Gap. This has seen an improvement to 74% in April 2020, and hope to see continued progress as these measures become widely available to employees again post-pandemic.


Whilst these figures do not represent our company as a whole, it does allow us to show how much our retail sector alters them. These figures have highlighted to us how other sectors of our business favour higher female pay, and we can achieve a better balance by addressing all areas of the business, not just the female- dominated retail sector.

Next Steps

After a challenging year, the retail industry and high streets stores are under more threat than ever before. Nonetheless, at JoJo we will continue to build on our competitive salaries and creation of apprenticeships to ensure we have sustainable jobs that reward employees well.


We anticipate continued disruption to Gender Pay Gap figures with ongoing furlough payments affecting the 2021 snapshot date, but continue our work in the background to find a balanced approach to pay.