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Kids' Floral Print Sun Protection Float Suit

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Designed with all the protection of our 1-piece sun protection suits and the buoyancy of our float suits, the Kids' Floral Print Sun Protection Float Suit is the perfect poolside or beach accessory for children who are still learning to gain confidence in the water. The all-in-one design is less restrictive than armbands and the floats are arranged to keep them in the correct swimming position for a comfortable and safe swim.
  • UPF 50+ (98% effective at blocking UVA rays)
  • Removable floats
  • Zip back opening
  • Floral print to sleeves and floats
  • Promotes natural swimming position
  • Extra cover to the neck
  • Cheerful colours make children easier to spot
100% Polyester
WARNING: Sun exposure causes skin damage.

This item will only provide protection to areas directly covered and, to a lesser extent, areas shaded from the sun.

Only covered areas are protected, other exposed areas of the body should be protected by a high factor sun cream. Protection offered by this item may be reduced with use, or if stretched or wet.

Sun exposure causes skin damage. Young children are particularly at risk of sunburn because of their delicate skin, babies are especially vulnerable.

Keep babies out of the sun.

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