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Including frequently asked breastfeeding questions...

If you’re preparing to breastfeed for the first time, you’re probably looking for some advice on where to start and what to expect. Well, every woman and every baby is unique so it doesn’t always go completely smoothly. Before your little one arrives into the world, it’s a good idea to get everything you need to make this journey the easiest it can be.

You might also have a question or two about breastfeeding, so to save you the stress, we’ve teamed up with award-winning feeding brand Fraupow. To celebrate Breastfeeding Week – a week where people all over the world join together to support and celebrate breastfeeding – we asked Fraupow’s brand ambassador and expert, Midwife Marley, for her top tips and advice on the most commonly asked questions surrounding breastfeeding. Marley’s approach to midwifery has earned her 170,000 followers on Instagram, along with awards, a recent trip to campaign at 10 Downing Street, and CBBC appearances.

Of course, that’s not all… The JoJo team has rounded up our top breastfeeding essentials, from nursing bras to nipple creams, including Fraupow’s breast milk storage bottles and reusable nursing pads.

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Midwife Marley Shares Her Tips For Breastfeeding

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Is it normal for boobs to leak during pregnancy?

“Breastmilk production actually starts in the second trimester, at around 16 weeks. You might notice at this point that your breasts feel bigger, more sensitive, and may start to leak. However don’t worry if your breasts don’t leak during pregnancy, that does not mean that you don’t have a good supply. It’s normal for pregnant women’s breasts to leak, or not to, it’s all normal.”

Help! My baby feeds instead of sleeps!

“Babies will often cluster feed at night. Whilst tiring for you, this is completely normal. It’s because the more baby feeds the more it stimulates prolactin production.” Just FYI: Prolactin is the hormone inside your body that prompts breast milk production.

“So when you’re up in the small hours, know that it will pass. Your baby is not a bad sleeper, they are doing exactly what nature wants them to do. If you are able, rest and nap at other times throughout the day. This pattern won’t last forever, as baby gets older their night feeds will naturally become shorter and less frequent.”

How should I hold my baby to breastfeed?

“When you first feed your baby it can feel quite strange. You’re both new to this and it might take a few goes to figure out the best positioning for you and your baby. Some babies have a preference for one breast over the other. Whilst it may be easier to feed from the side that they prefer, it‘s important to ensure that both breasts are drained of milk equally throughout the day to minimise the chance of developing mastitis.”

Do I need a breast pump?

“Many breastfeeding mums choose to express milk. This might be to help build their supply, or because they are separated from their baby in hospital. A manual or electric breast pump can help relieve engorged breasts or create a stash of milk for later use.”

The Fraupow Wearable Breast Pump is a fantastic option that lets you pump and go as it sits neatly inside your bra with no trailing wires, tubes or clunky power unit.

If you’d prefer a manual pump, the Fraupow Manual Pump is a lightweight and gentle option.


The Feeding Position

When positioning your baby to feed think of the acronym CHIN




Baby should be close to you, with as much of their body snuggled into yours as possible and their arms open and cuddling around you rather than between your two bodies.




You don’t need to cup their head while they feed, just place your hand on their upper back and use your thumb and first finger to make a U shape to support their head behind the ears gently.




Rather than cradling your baby on their back and turning their head toward the breast, hold them so that their whole body is turned toward and pressed against you.




To help your baby find a strong latch while feeding, aim your nipple toward their nose rather than mouth so that when they open their mouth they will naturally tip their head back and latch more deeply.

Breastfeeding Essentials

At JoJo we have all the nursing essentials you need to support your pregnancy right through to parenting.
Most of our JoJo stores have dedicated breastfeeding spots, so you can pop in, relax and feed your little one without hassle. 


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Feeding Time

When it comes to feeding time, having a feeding pillow, a couple of muslin cloths at hand and breastfeeding covers will help keep things comfortable and mess-free. You might also consider using a breast pump, milk warmer, and breast milk storage bottles that give you a break from breastfeeding if needed.

Nipples can get sore during breastfeeding, so having breast pads to prevent milk leakage, nipple creams, hot and cold gel pads and nipple shields can protect and soothe soreness.
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Nursing Bras

Comfort is key for all mamas. You’ll want to have a couple of nursing bras that you can rely on whether it’s a cotton-rich bra, an easy-access nursing top to go outside in or a nursing bra to sleep in. Nursing shawls are also great for cosiness and doubling up as a cover for when feeding time in public calls.

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