How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow

During the later stages of pregnancy, a maternity pillow, or ‘crocodile’ as many fellow women who’ve found themselves wrestling with it during the night tend to call it, is the perfect way to support your back and bump as you try to get a good night’s sleep. There are a range of different pregnancy pillows to choose from – from the wedge to the U-shaped option, so today’s post will introduce to the different types, and suggest some practical tips for how to use them correctly for maximum comfort.

Which pillow is right for me?


A popular option for many years now, wedge pillows are great for relieving the strain from your belly when trying to sleep on your side. They’re also a brilliant investment as you can use it postpartum to make your back more comfortable when feeding your baby.


J-Shaped pillows such as the Dreamgenii Maternity & Feeding Support Pillow an excellent bedtime accessory that supports the back, bump, and knees at the same time and without intruding on your partner’s space. These pillows have one long side to support the knees, and indented space at the top to comfortably lie your head, and a short support on the other side for your back.

Full Length

Full length pillows are often the most ergonomically adjustable to fit almost any body size and shape, making them a fantastic investment that will support you throughout your pregnancy and beyond.  The bbhugme Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow is a little on the pricier side, but definitely worth the money. It’s been designed and developed by Norwegian chiropractors to provide much-needed support to critical areas such as the pelvis, lower back, belly, knees and ankles. The material is lovely and soft, and there are ties at each end so you can secure it to your body, helping to avoid slipping and keep it in place if you tend to roll around in your sleep

How do I use them?


> Under your belly: Wedge the lower side under your belly when lying on your side for proper spinal alignment.

> Under your head: Place it under your pillow with the lower side of the wedge starting under your neck. This will help relieve heartburn and acid reflux, as well as comforting your neck and head.

> Behind your back: Providing extra comfort when sitting up in bed or on a chair when feeding your baby.

> Remember to adjust the incline size of the wedge as your pregnancy progresses: the height of the pillow should lesson as your belly grows bigger.


> Around your back: If you find yourself rolling onto your back during the night and the discomfort is waking you, place the longer side of this pillow around your back to support it and helpfully prevent rolling over.

> Between your legs: Probably the most well-known way to use the pillow is to hug it and place the longer side under your top leg.

Full Length

> You can pretty much place this pillow wherever you feel you need most support.

> Between your legs: Remember to keep it under your top leg, and not sandwiched between both legs so that you don’t put too much pressure on your bottom leg and encourage fluid retention.

Top Tip: When purchasing a pregnancy pillow, be sure to check if it’s washable. Many maternity pillows are machine washable without losing their shape, but others may not be! If not, get yourself a few extra pillowcases.