10 Fun Facts About Highland Cows

Have you met our new friend, the Highland cow? With a cute shaggy coat and long flattering lashes, this udderly adorable character has quickly become a firm favourite for our customers. So, let’s find out some fun facts about the star of our latest collection. 


Highland cows are a Scottish breed of cow and are the oldest cattle breed in the world, appearing in the 6th century AD.  


Although we mostly know Highland Cows to be ginger, there are also breeds with red, yellow, silver, white, and even black coats. 


They live in wet and mountainous grasslands. Although they are native to Scotland, they can now be found in Europe, North America and Australia. 


When highland cows become friends, they show affection by licking, mountain and play fighting with each other. 


They use their large handlebar shaped horns to rake up the snow and forage for food in winter, and to defend themselves against predators. 


Male horns tend to be thicker and curve forward with a small upwards rise near the tip. The female has thinner horns that have a more obvious upwards curve. 


Their long shaggy coats help to keep the rain and snow at bay during cold winters. The coat has two layers of long fur: the warm undercoat and the oily outercoat. 


Within the herd, highland cows have a hierarchical system based on age - the older cattle dominate the younger ones and the males rank above the females. 


Male cattle are called bulls and the females are called cows. A group of highland cattle is called a ‘fold’ or ‘herd’. 


When a cow gives birth to a calf, the calf will immediately be able to stand, walk and recognise its mother. The cow will care for and nourish her baby for about 6 months. 


They spend most of their day (about 8 hours) grazing and can eat up to 70kg of grass daily, which weighs as much as 700 blueberry muffins!