How Bambino Mio Reusable Nappies Work & How to Get Started

With parents becoming increasingly conscious of the effects of single-use plastic and products, more and more are switching to reusable nappies in a bid to reduce waste. Back in the day, cloth nappies tended to consist of a linen square fastened together with safety pins; how things have changed! There are a whole host of easy-to-use reusable nappies on the market today, many of which have simple all-in-one designs that are used in the same way their disposable counterparts – with the added bonus of being washable and reusable. Read today’s blog to find out more about one award-winning style from Bambino Mio.

1. What are Bambino Mio reusable nappies?


Bambino Mio have two types of reusable nappy – the Miosolo All-In-One Nappy and the Mioduo Two-Piece Nappy. Both offer high absorbency and are fast drying.

At JoJo, we currently stock the Miosolo All-In-One Nappy, here are some of its best features:


  • One size - will fit from baby to toddler. Adjust the size of the nappy using the fastenings to suit the shape of your baby.
  • Smart protection - leak-proof legs and waist for ultimate security.
  • Created for dryness - super absorbent core and stay-dry layer keep wetness away from the skin.
  • Wriggle proof - stretchy water-resistant fabric provides comfort for babies on the move.
  • Ultra-soft - designed to feel better for the most comfortable tush. Super stay-soft fabric remains soft wash after wash.
  • Maximum performance - inside pocket to add extra inserts to maximise absorbency for heavy wetters.
  • Easy to wash and dry - pull out function improves washing performance and reduces drying time.
  • Available in a range of eco-chic designs.


2. How does the Miosolo All-In-One nappy work?


First, a popular myth debunked – reusable nappies are no more complicated to use than disposables, it’s simply a case of getting used to the lifestyle change. Some nappies work best with a nappy liner placed on them which can be washed or disposed of to make changes less messy and you may want to add a reusable booster to others for extra absorbency.


When it comes to the Miosolo, it couldn’t be easier to put on and change. The all-in-one style means you pop it on just like any disposable nappy and when it comes to changing time, simply separate the poo into the toilet, dispose of the liner (if using one), and put the nappy in the wash bin ready for laundry day.


This nappy features a water-resistant fabric on the outside and a super absorbent core on the inside made up of 6 layers, including a stay-dry top layer and water-resistant bottom layer.


As it’s one-size-fits-all, this is the only nappy style you’ll need up until your little one is potty trained. There are poppers on the front to adjust the length as they grow, and the hook and loop waist fastenings can also be adjusted to the right fit.


3. Which reusable nappy should you use?


Bambino Mio reusable nappies are nappies that do good. One of the company’s main values is protecting our planet, which they work towards by putting sustainability at the root of their products. Living by three pillars: reduce, reuse, repurpose, Bambino Mio are a great brand to choose for your reusable nappy journey, thanks to their responsible manufacturing process and products that are built to last. They also work with multiple charities, both local and abroad, so you can rest assured your purchase will help support vital work at home and around the world. Click here to find out more about their mission.


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use option, the Miosolo All-In-One reusable nappy is, as mentioned above, super simple and designed to grow with your child, meaning you won’t have to worry about finding an alternative nappy as your little one gets bigger. This nappy can be used from birth (8lbs/ 4kg onwards), until they start potty training.


Click here to view the Bambino Mio Reusable Nappies Guide.

4. How do you deal with the poo?


One of the most common concerns parents have with reusable nappies is how to dispose of the poo – understandable, we don’t want to get too close to it! But here is some light relief: it’s really simple to separate the poo without even touching it. Simply pop a Bambino Mio Biodegradable Nappy Liner into your reusable nappy before you put it on your child. When they’ve done a poo and it’s time to change them, just lift the liner out of the nappy, tip the poo into the loo and put the liner in the bin (or compost).


5. Can you really save money by switching to reusables?


Absolutely! Cloth nappies can save you over £700 compared to the cost of disposables before your little one is potty trained, if using them full-time.


Bambino Mio recommends that you purchase 16 reusable nappies to use them on a full-time basis. This will cost around £255, with optional extras like nappy liners, boosters and wet bags bringing this up to £300-£400, whereas disposables can end up costing up to £1,500!


Plus, if you care for your nappies correctly, they can be used on your second and maybe even third child – saving you even more in the long run!


If you’re not quite confident enough to convert fully to reusables, why not try using them part-time when you’re in the house? Every little will help towards reducing your household waste and carbon footprint by up to 40%.



Still have some unanswered questions? Check out the 'Reusable Nappies Guide' on our website, where we answer more FAQs.