Ready to Start Potty Training? Here’s A Handy Checklist

Potty training doesn’t necessarily have to be all stress and mess. Today on the blog, we’ve teamed up with potty training expert Susan Wallace from Settled Petals and bestselling potty brand Potette, to bring you a handy checklist of essentials. Having all the necessary equipment ready to go from the start should make the process a smooth transition for both you and your little one.



Having identical potties, one upstairs and one downstairs means your little one can avoid choosing their ‘favourite’ one and refusing to use the other. Avoid complicated, fussy designs and choose a potty that has a splash guard at the front to prevent any leaks.




Avoid unnecessary hassle and invest in a travel potty like the Potette® Plus that folds flat and comes with its own carry bag, meaning it conveniently and hygienically fits in your changing bag, buggy or car.




A specially designed seat that fits inside or on top of the toilet seat will help make the transition to using the toilet far easier. Choose a design with handles so your little one can steady themselves on the toilet. The Potette® Plus travel potty easily converts into a toilet training seat.




Protects your child’s car seat and buggy from accidents in the early days with a seat protector that can be popped in the washing machine for quick and simple cleaning.




Buy lots of pairs so you won’t need to worry about any accidents. You may prefer to buy training pants a size bigger than your child needs, so they are easier for them to pull up and down themselves.




Using a reward chart will help encourage children to use the potty – click here to print out the one we’ve created to help you get started.




Helpful for washing your child’s hands and later for reaching the toilet. Using a toilet step makes it easier for a child to use their muscles to do a poo - if they can’t touch the floor with their feet, it is hard to push against the resistance. A step can help with this as it supports their feet at the right height.




This will fit snuggly under your child’s bed sheet to protect the mattress from any night-time accidents.




Encourage your little one to try and enjoy the potty training process with a children's book like Meekoo and the Big Red Potty. With funny sound buttons for children to press, they will have plenty of fun following Meekoo's potty training day, and will hopefully be inspired to follow in the character's footsteps!